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- Then check back on this (Contact) page to where the answers will be placed underneath your questions . Other wise state an legit email and I can send it directly back to you !

Peace – D

31 responses

14 09 2010

Yo i have a zine for you, some of your homies are in it hit me with an email

6 10 2010

drop in fairdale once in a while.

26 10 2010
brother of a brother...

yeah mann!! good to see some of your stuff. best of luck, keep up the good werk. -T a 5 k

1 11 2010
you already know

Damn all cope did was a throwie / fill in at Spinelli’s? Thought he was gonna do a burner!

11 11 2010
Rex2- TM

Been following you for the longest. Love your styles and work ethic. Thanks for shouting us out in the War 42 interview, that felt good to read. We still do some stuff (not much though) down here if you ever want to come down and do something and chill. -B

2 12 2010

first off i want to say you are a fukking boss!!!!

is idenity the only place in louisville that sellls legit paint (mtn, nazi mtn , etc.)

and i have pics of my stuff and i was wondering if i sent u the pics , if u could give me some advice , i need somebody who has skills to help me out

2 12 2010

Yak-atk –
Thanks for the support – Boss ! that sounds pretty good . I’ll go with that . haha-

Yes – Identity Customs is the only place in Louisville to get the goods , although they however will not really be stocking up this winter . They will probably wait it off and re-order in the warmer months , the store has been booming , just not in the paint department . My suggestion is $ wise is to go to and order any specialty paints (Evolve) a new product I know is a flat $4.00 dollars a can , and they do not chare tax , or shipping from what I’ve been told . And they have other brands – A source told me that Clash was really good . I myself am not a fan of Ironlak .

– If you have pics you would like to send . Send to , and I can shoot you some advice for sure !

Peace – D …….. stay up

10 12 2010
da kid

wondering if u have any advice for a young writer just starting any tips
wondering if u could maybe give me some advice on some of my work like u were going to do for yap atk ?

13 12 2010

To: da kid

Don’t fall for the trendy shit , straight up ….. if you want to get inspired on some good shit , really focus on looking at Bates , Cantwo , Skrew has great straight letters and some very good throw ups , Dream RIP , and Dare also really fresh !

Learn how to rock fonts really nice and clean , you will be surprised how difficult some can be , you will learn far more than you would think practicing them . peep – DAFONT.COM

Paint with as few partners as possible ! Two out of three people lies a snitch . No matter how hard or og they are ….. when the time comes , mother fuckers talk .

Be spot selective – Hit shit that you feel may last a bit . A lot of kids hit the stupidest shit . I have painted some stupid shit …. but you live and learn . You can come up with the no no’s . I like to get the grimey shit , and try to make each spot a landmark . I’ve got shit to ride 8-9 years be spot selective .

When you have the loot – to get the full graffiti experience you should try every brand of paint , and every cap . I still continue to learn different techniques ! I’ll fuck some people up on this note ! Another thing , get a piece of plywood 4×8 , prime and practice in your own backyard , do a complete full one letter piece , fill , outline , 3d , the whole nine yards ! You will learn a lot and be able to execute very quickly when you hit the streets .

If you’re ready to destroy/save you’re life Graffiti is the answer .

Peace , D’

13 12 2010
da kid

thanks for the advice really helpfull

16 12 2010

EH! Props and respect for yer letters and colour selection….Along with other writters yer in their among my faves!Enuff ball snifff….you got a cool site and its to bad you lost Heist NOW THAT SHIT IS TIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Anyway hit a bro back above the border eh!

16 12 2010

i seen them fst shirts on this site, where can i buy one of them?

18 12 2010

I will have some new tees up soon !

25 01 2011

BUMP EVERYTHING DARK,AKAE AND FST DO! You been killin it and continue to kill it! Keep the shit up man! Get at me sometime

25 01 2011

we gotta do work son….4 real get at me

25 01 2011

Hey, I’ve been writing for a good while now but I feel like I’ve just started writing cause I’ve finally have a good name and I’m finally good enough to actually go out.

But I just wanted to say that you have inspired me to work harder and try new colors and try to come up with new styles. I would appreciate it a lot if you could give me some advice. Thanks.


28 01 2011
Big Lebowski

Dark, fucking ridiculous shit I envy you lol… anyway props to to you and all of FSTK . I was wondering about the line you had posted on your myspace I think it was atleast. Do you actually give lessons and if so what level or caliber of artist would do you start with?

28 01 2011
ya bootie


29 01 2011

H@rPo – What’s good …. anything specific that you would like me to elaborate on ? A certain aspect of graff ….. ? Hit me back . Peep what I dropped up top addressed to: Da Kid , if not helpful enough , hit me back with an further question . Oh , I guess really on the name tip …. regardless of burning threw names , continue until It works for you . I wrote about five words before the D word was born . Thanks D’

2 02 2011

H@rPo – Yeh pretty much man , years of trial and error . You’ll get it down eventually . Kinda cold out right now , but hit it hard when it warms up ! Peace

5 04 2011


24 05 2011

yo ive been writing for five years and i kinda want to tie some of my art into more cultural based art with the native american culture. ive done a little bit for ain dah yung and ive done stuff for battle creek but thats about it but im all the way up north in detroit lakes so its kinda of hard any ideas or tips? stay up and spray up!!!

5 06 2011

keep it up. come to chicago !

11 06 2011
Mailer DMT

I see you up all the time when I hit yards in Texas. Serious respect.

22 06 2011

bro you need to make some t-shirts. cuzz i want a fresh T of louisville most wanted.

30 06 2011

Hey man I work unloading auto-racks. Just wanted to say keep up the good work look out for my respects paid back to you, coupe, sarge, and the other kings of autos. Seattle representin! Birdheads n Cereal Killers. FST Krushes, no diggity. hahaha


6 09 2011

Show more pics !

22 11 2011
Verse Krm Mob

Dark, you have been my inspiration for years i bet you get alot of shit like this but what evv, check out my blog or my fb im friends with you anyhow was wondering if u can give me so pointers and what to work on , huski has been showing me stuff to help me out but was wonderring if i can get any pointers??
thanx for your time


1 02 2012

Yo Dark, you gotta be my favorite writer of all time. Your letters look like freshly painted Ferraris- How do you get um so glossy? I can’t get enough of ur holy roller panels- each one is so damn epic. Mines and you make monumental shit- Hit me back if u wanna talk freights- Im in the midwest now chillin in the mountains-

16 02 2012
Wooden @xle

I’m a conductor in Louisville, so I get to see your work on the regular. Just saw a “dark” streak and checked it out, and wanted to say hey.

7 03 2012

You need to make some t’s. Super fresh ones.
I’d love to rep that shit.

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